About Us

instantaccess.guru is a band of leadership experts who have served Fortune 500 companies, executive leaders and literally hundreds of thousands of managers, supervisors and informal leaders just like you who want to make a difference.  Our passion for what we do is as keen as ever -- and packaged in a way that puts you in charge.  

If it relates to leadership --- we've been there, done it, experienced the thrill of success and grown from our missteps. We know leadership inside and out. We are passionate leaders, voracious learners, world renowned experts, and leadership gurus. But most of all, we are committed to you and helping you make a difference.

Our Promise To You

As long as you are a member of the instantaccess family, satisfaction is guaranteed always.  We guarantee your satification with every iteration and with every bit of assistance you receive.  Never again will you be at a loss for what to do or how to do it when it comes to leadership. And we promise to give you the skill and confidence needed to act with courage and conviction.